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I have a PhD in electrical engineering and have been teaching and doing programming and IT for ... too many years. (specializing in networks and security) I am not going to disclose my age! I am one of very few women of my age who STAYED in the field, since it is super competitive macho field. But here I am! I use my engineering skills for everything I do. In this blog, I will share anything from technical to social comments on technology.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Water heater waterfalls....

Water heater was on a hose, emptying to the outside, since 1pm yesterday... This morning it was still emptying.. I thought I didnt open the release valve big enough and there was still water in the heater.... SO I took the water heater out to empty it..... . and made things worse.... I should have left it connected to the hose and draining to the outside... but we didnt know that the water valve was not closing.... and that's why new water under pressure kept on leaking out of the heater. SInce we took the heater out, now water is pouring out - but at least it is pouring into a bucket and the closet where the heater was is finally drying out, all dosed off with chlorine... So yeah, in some ways the situation is better, all the mold and wet is now drying. And in some ways it is REALLY bad bc we tried to put the hose onto the leaky pipe but the hose doesn't fit and water drips down the hose and causes a puddle in my house.... so I had to take off the hose and directly drain the leaky pipe into a bucket, which fills super fast, one huge bucket of water per hour, with LOTS of noise... I will have to empty the bucket every hour of the night and day..... - so this night, NO SLEEPING ....
weeelllll - I fixed it!!!! Since water dripping down the hose was causing a puddle in my house, I simply put the hose into a bucket.... and that bucket will not get full every hour - majority of the water is draining outside, and the drips from the hose are a little bit.... so yes i can sleep tonight. :)

Well I know a LOT about water heaters now!!!!! The funny thing is that I was able to figure out a lot more than the 2 males helping me. The old man knew how to take off the nuts and bolts and the electric. The young guy knew NOTHING. And I was the one who totally problem solved it. Yay!

The rotten plumber knew what he was talking about - it would be worth 200 bucks to have hired him yesterday. I would have had a clean dry house AND hot water. Instead, I have cold water only, many wet belongings, and a mess in my house.

Because water valve cannot close completely so water is still leaking, big time.... So .... I have a waterfall in my house. The whole place is a mess... everything got wet as we were trying to fix it and take the water heater out and then stop the leak from the main water pipe.
I tried to fix it by connecting the hose to the water pipe to take the water out, BUT bc water drips where the hose attaches, there was a huge big puddle forming and going after all my furniture...

Well at least all of this is happening NOW before I leave so it should be nice and dry and safe when I am gone. Whew.

Wow. Me and my 90 yr old neighbor, the building manager, unscrewed the rusty rings and unhooked the 220V electrical supply and took the water heater off. I took the heater out of my house and cleaned up the wet walls and mold on the walls.

90yr old is a riot - he is Vietnam and Korea veteran, he is over 6 ft tall, and still strong and as sharp as a tack. He helped me with everything and he never feels slighted or whatever, he is so confident that I don't threaten him. He is healthy, he cooks, he knows how to repair stuff, he plays stock market, he owns so many properties, he donates to charity, etc. And he takes good and honest care of our building. Thank you!

And my next door neighbor - who is only 40 but looks like 50 at least - is totally fried by alcohol and pot. This morning he couldn't understand a simple sentence. He smelled of alcohol although it was 10 am.

This evening, when I was taking the water heater out, I was afraid it was heavy, so I called my next door neighbor. It was 5pm. He was completely not cognizant, saying it is a good thing he wakes up at 5am and how lucky I was he was awake. He was ... stoned? drunk? Anyways - he was no help, and luckily the heater was pretty light so I dragged it out on my own! Great! He didn't help me at all. It was good he was there bc I felt safe that someone is watching and I wont get injured. I just wanted him to take the heater to the porch, not downstairs.

THEN I went in and in a second I came out again and caught him trying to take the heater down the stairs. I said NO this will hurt you please stop and I TOOK THE HEATER AWAY FROM HIM

DO you know what he did? He started yelling at me how I am abusing him and that he is never going to help me again bc I am asking too much of him and he doesn't want to get hurt. He told me to call the plumber.

HE DIDN"T DO ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!! NOT ONE THING..... He was out in my house for about 5 minutes, first looking at me taking the heater out, then he stepped one step down and just tilted the heater. He didn't carry it. I didn't ask him to do it.

So this person has shown his true colors and THAT is why he is not married nor has a girlfriend. Nobody will want that.

I also see how people who are small get offended when they are not glorified.

Also, I think he is reacting bc probably he can feel that I don't think highly of him anymore after his dumbness this morning. Yesterday I asked him if he knows how to fix a water heater, and I will pay him 50$ and this morning he said he doesn't. Water heater was still dripping water so he said he would come over and check that. HE TURNED THE VALVE ON claiming he was shutting it down and that the valve is put in the wrong way, so it shuts to the left instead of right. I asked how can that be bc the manager turned it off yesterday in the only direction possible, and that was to the right. And he couldn't answer a simple question about it. He said ok it stopped dripping. I was hoping for the best bc I was late to dance class... and when I came back, I had a puddle in my house.

So yeah I bet he can feel that I don't think that he is intelligent and probably that will tick him off too. His brain is FRIED from pot and alcohol.

SO yeah you are wondering who I DO Think highly of? People better than this. For sure. I am very grateful to my elderly neighbor for helping me this evening.

And me - someone told me that I have to learn how to deal with men because I THINK LIKE A MAN AND THAT SCARES THE SHIT OUT OF MEN. So?

My elderly neighbor told me that the younger neighbor yelled and me and dissed me bc his pride was hurt bc I was telling him what to do. Heck if he is that "sensitive" then he is WEAK and he is not a man. He is a little brat. And yeah he is dumb. Sorry I am brutal. That's what I am really thinking. The guy FRIED his brain on pot and alcohol.

The thing is to survive as a lone woman, and for that - I need the MONEY. That's all. I will have to pay the plumber to come and fix the valve.

ANd I won't be able to count on my neighbor for anything... ANd that's pretty sad. Too bad!!!!!!

When I am gone for 2 months, who will water my plants?

Good news: it was SUPER SIMPLE to take the water heater out. Very simple. It would be simple to plug it back in too. It is all super simple...

Saturday, June 10, 2017



Cold shower rocks it!

Ah let me introduce you to water heaters. 30 gallon water heater is considered "small" in the USA... for 1-2 peeps... 30 gallon water heater is about 35 inches tall (waist height) and about 20 inches across. It is a HUGE thing. AND, you are racking up electric bill to keep that ENTIRE HUGE THING heated at all times. Just imagine the waste!!! This water heater was already in my house and I was always wishing for a smaller one....

To me, water is SACRED. I cherish every single drop of it. It comes naturally, I always loved water, and then we bonded super tight during one mystical experience in ... Lowe's kitchen and bath area in Kapolei, where I was admiring one super beautiful golden fawcet.... and then I "saw" a vision of water coming out of as liquid gold, all sparkley, all ALIVE, all PRECIOUS. I was in total awe. From then on, I protect water with all my being. It is SACRED. So.. I take super short showers in rather lukewarm water. I don't really wash dishes with hot water - to me that is a waste. And I NEVER drink hot water from the faucet - to me water heater water is not REALLY drinkable....And of course all dishwasher water goes to water the flowers. I also catch water during showering and use it for gardening. Yeah I walk my talk.

So today my old 30 gal water heater died. Yeah!!! Chance to buy a smaller one. Esp since the water tanks are so expensive it is ridiculous. WE WASTE SO MUCH ENERGY AND WATER!!!!!

The plumber came and he wanted to charge me 200 dollars to change the heater. I said no thanks. ... He wanted to blackmail me to charge me for the privilege of having a hot shower tonight.

Well - I am better off with cold shower, actually.... I had one and it is SO REFRESHING, it is absolutely DELICIOUS.

I LOVE COLD SHOWERS. Here in Hawaii where it is so hot, a cold shower feels soooooo gooooooodddddddddddd.... Aaaaaahh... I feel so sparkley and refreshed.

Furthermore it reminds me of my native home in the woods of Pine Barrens and all the lovely baths we take in the super cold stream, and how cold it feels at first and then how FRESH it feels and how GOOD it feels...

So ladies and gentleman, hot shower is totally bogus, for most part. Cold water is a lot better for ya. I feel brand new.

Now I feel really sleepy and very happy. I AM PEACEFUL AND HAPPY. 

Friday, June 9, 2017


Ah how fast it goes when it starts going! As I was changing my plane ticket to fly out on 22nd, and paying $200 for that, I noticed water coming out of the water heater... IT DIED.

New water heater is $400 plus $200 to put it in. And there are no water heaters on the island, anyways, it will take 4-6 weeks to get it.... 
THe plumber said I could put it in if I am handy. Well... I will need help. And yeah, I will need to put it in.

The last time I - on my own, totally! - changed the toilet tank flushing system and it never flushes quite right. BUt at least it doesn't leak... I had to put it in like 5 times before I did it right. :) BUt I did it right. It just doesn't have enough force to flush.

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Friday, June 2, 2017


This is a very rough time in my life (again!!! hawaii seems to be about bare survival) and yet it is very useful, after making my web page today suddenly I am a lot more clear about what I want to do. I really need to be doing writing ... and massage/healing... and research... That's what I really really love and am so good at it. people don't understand paradox, and I DO. I am perfectly fine with paradox. I did the math: college teaching is 25$ per hour for easy classes that I taught already and don't have much to grade. It's a lot of work to drive 2 hrs to town and spend 8 hrs to deal with screaming kids, then prep and grade at home. Massage pays 100$ per hour, it is right here around my home, and I work with nice cooperative peeps who KISS MY ASS AND ARE FOREVER GRATEFUL bc I helped to save them out of pain. So - clear choice, isn't it?

Also, looking back into all my metaphysical studies: I have been learning and growing so much and then since I came to Hawaii... and esp since 2007 when my life collapsed ... I seem to have gone backwards. Lack of people.....

But it's never too late, I can start going forwards RIGHT NOW. Obviously, what I love the most is indeed to learn and grow and write about arts and healing, and that's what I do need to do. For your own sake - you are not hearing me snivel, are you.

As for work: I need to find work. I put some affiliate links for my spiritual books but that is not going to generate huge earnings. I need some better links. Perhaps the unethical network marketing stuff. There are some foofoo dust products, like "slim away" and then there are legit products, like water filter or nano silver.


So help me out, give me feedback on my website, and SHARE IT. Spread the word.

Freelance or employee...?

Actually all this is very good. Since 2007, I haven't really done massage, and in the last few years, almost none. Before 2007, I was making a decent living doing massages, since I charge $100 per hour, and I was working on a lot of tourists as "medical tourism". But then economy collapsed, and I had to get a day job. So I became a college professor full time and THAT WAS AWFUL, in retrospect. It was OK for a while when I was doing chair massage on Sunday mornings at Haleiwa Farmers' Market, which was SO FUN - such a great community! I had so many friends and it was lovely to hang out there and do massages... amongst a very tightly knit, cooperative community of farmers and artists and free thinkers, all out in fresh air and sunlight, with zillion of interesting tourists passing by to chat.... and then some jelous morons closed the market... and that meant I totally stopped doing massages, lost my social life, and that almost killed me... I escaped into dance to stay sane.... But dance is not it. Dance attracts too many competitive, catty, sharkey egoistical people, as I quickly found out!!!! And dancing was shitty here... And things quickly went downhill even more - my neighbors were party animals and criminals and tried to physically and financially harm me, and police was here all the time, and it was SCARY... and noisy... unsafe... cruel... dangerous... And then my work was awful too... working in a super bad private school... Well. they paid me well and I used the money to travel to study dance... and I did learn it! Then fortunately or unfortunately I lost my full time job... and found lot better places to work energetically but in terms of resources and learning ... no..... Community colleges just do NOT have the brain power. Period... And finally lately I made it back to the big University of Manoa and that was FANTASTIC for my learning... I finally got to teach some nice classes with smart polite hard working kids!!!! Well even they can ran out of check if you lose a beat... that's NOT fun at all!!!!! And I traveled to learn dance and I learned it and now we even have great dance teachers on the island..... And my whole life looked TOTALLY ALL SET TO LIVE HAPPILY AFTER ...

and then the nuclear bomb of 225K special assessment was dropped in, and the nice places hired peeps....

So here I am - totally exausted from the college and other experience. Academia practically killed me, it is SO DRY AND STIFF AND JUST KILLS YOUR SOUL. The moronic board of my building is also killing me, they are like leaches....

And so it's a full circle, back to massage.... and maybe some teaching? Maybe they will call me in the fall, and maybe they won't. There are jobs in Hawaii now so there are less students. Which means I could find a job.

I cannot even imagine myself working in a company 9-5 every day.... I just cannot stand that.

All my life I managed to have some shitty small jobs and DO WHATEVER I WANT and spend a lot of time traveling and learning.. Basically all my life I was studying healing and dance, and managed to get some work to pay for all of it. I spent all my money on classes. It was fun, no doubt. And in retrospect, I always worked and always was relatively wealthy bc I always invested my money into things good for me. Like, good food, good classes, etc. I never had a fancy car or fancy home, or anything fancy, and all my vacations were spent in classes. 
Massage is really the only thing that gives me joy but also I do enjoy doing some technical work. like I did today. I is rewarding to see the web site. Also, I have lived a relatively plush life bc I always earned money doing something computer related and technical and it has always provided a solid base which I could count on.  But massage, with 100$ per hour, actually pays more and is a lot less work, and a lot more COMFORTABLE work. If I teach at the university, I have to drive 2 hrs per day, I have to be in the classroom teaching for at least 3 hours per week, I have to be there 2 more hours for office hours, I have to grade, I have to prepare lessons, I have to deal with manipulative students, and the pay, proportional to amount of time,  is $20-25 per hour AT BEST, for super easy classes which I already taught before and don't need to prep nor grade much. Class C lecturer gets 1K per month. Easy class requires 9 hrs per week JUST for driving and physical presence in the classroom and around classroom: 3 hrs in classroom, at least 2 hrs office hours, at least 4 hrs driving.  Then add prep and grading... For a new class with grading, pay is about $10/hr at most... It's just that you are GUARANTEED hours and can count on your paycheck.  
With massage business, I can stay close to home, no traveling, no hassle, and I work with nice people who COOPERATE. And I am the boss. 
Well - that's it then :) Massages again! yay.